Valkyries Horn Mead Competition

Valkyries Horn 2022 Home and Commercial Mead Competitions are open for registration from July 2nd until August 26th, or until paid entry caps are reached.

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The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul is the Valhalla of Mead Making in America. This competition will determine who is worthy of Valhalla. Come join our horde.

Stay In Touch

Get Notifications about the competition by registering on the competition site.


2022 Valkyries Horn Competition

Valkyries Horn competition strives to provide entrants with the highest level of judging and feedback using experienced and high-quality judges. This premier competition is run by mead makers for mead makers. We will provide a very high level of judging for your meads, including some of the best home and commercial mead makers in the world. However, we can’t do this alone. We would encourage you to volunteer for what we know will be a very exciting event.


  • The competition judging will be held September 9th and 10th. 
  • There will be separate Home and Commercial competitions. 
  • The competition judging will be in-person.
  • Registration is open July 2nd through August 26th.
  • There will be an in-person Awards ceremony on September 10th.

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News and Updates

Packaging Tips for Entrants

Here are some tips for packaging your entries for everyone shipping bottles to Valkyries Horn

Save The Date for 2022

Save the Date Valkyries Horn 2022 will take place September 9th and 10th. in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Our weekend for the competition has traditionally been the 3rd weekend of September. This year, we are holding the competition one week earlier to accommodate Mazer Cup’s new dates and location. This creates a unique opportunity for judges and…


Valkyries Horn is accepting all mead styles from the 2015 BJCP style guidelines.

Additionally, for 2022 the Home competition will have a special "Foraged Ingredients" category. Check the home competition entry information site for details.

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Volunteer & Registration

With two competitions, there are two places for volunteers to register.


Find all the volunteer information and home mead maker registration details for the Home competition on the Home competition management site


Commercial Mead Makers and anyone willing to judge the commercial mead competition should register on the commercial competition management site.